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What’s on the menu?

  • Driven by results
  • Efficient (saving you time & money)
  • Budget conscientious strategies
  • Dedicated support
  • Realistic plans
  • Solutions offered to existing problems 

Dorset WordPress Website Design


– fantastic looking websites

I develop websites that look amazing on desktop and mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

Versatile Solutions

– build it your way!

With WordPress™ we have the option to add 1,000’s of options, link payment gateways and incorporate marketing software

Expert SEO Service

– over 25 years experience

With over 25 years experience in sales & marketing and Search Engine Optimisation, I can help your website get seen quicker!



Get Expert and affordable help with setting up email accounts and addresses for your business to provide a professional image. Businesses with domain name emails receive more enquiries than a GMail account

Website Design & Hosting

Offering a complete WordPress or Squarespace website design service, email set up, SEO and hosting. Together we can create an awesome platform to give clients excellent first impressions and streamline your online presence.

Digital Marketing

I can ensure your business products or services are being seen by the right customers. Are you in a niche industry and need help? Or perhaps you need support with PPC or leaflet design? Contact me for a free no obligation consultation.


    Your contact request will be answered to within 24/48 hours. Thank you

    Very impressed 

    The speed and efficiency that Chris works at is amazing. I had a working website within days. Combined with his knowledge and advice I feel so much more confident my business will be a success.

    Jonathan / JCC Machinery Ltd

    Over 25 years experience

    Working with clients in an incredibly efficient and cost-effective manner

    Chris offers a complete business support services and website design  package