Commercial Drone Services

Drone & Aerial Photography can capture stunning ultra high quality footage for use in a marketing or commercial campaign. You may want to capture footage for use in a promotional video let’s say!

If that’s the case, we are on hand to assist. No matter how big or small the project is, from a survey of a fishery to major construction site, or tracking a vehicle for use in promotional videos, we have a UAV pilot that can provide the services you need

Aerial Surveillance & Monitoring

The use of drones for aerial surveillance can save considerable time, effort and money. Using drones for a multitude of applications can reduce frustration and provide results far quicker as well retain a visual record.

Drones are also available for obtaining evidence, which could later be used in a court of law. We have drone pilots with extensive police and investigation backgrounds that can work with you to achieve the positive results.

Aerial Surveys

Our Drone & Aerial Photography pilots can conduct aerial surveys in Dorset and surrounding counties. Providing you with HD HQ smooth video footage for surveying hard to access areas where access equipment may prove costly or time consuming.

Prices from £150 1/2 day – £250 full day

Marketing Footage

Video marketing is undoubtedly very powerful and an incredible tool in the world of promoting your business or event lets say.

If you would like for us to offer you a quote to assist in your next project, please feel free to get in touch

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