Property Surveying Company

The task was to combine five websites offering a simpler experience by combining into one manageable website. This was also to show prospective clients the full range of services offered.

The purpose of the recommendation was to increase site traffic, improve efficiency of marketing campaigns, reduce costs, and inform clients of the many services offered by the organisation that were being missed.

The existing SEO company were charging £1000 or more per month but on close inspection, there was evidence that the services paid for were not being fulfilled. 

Bringing the website design, email, and SEO in house under one hosting provider saved approximately £1500 per month and reduced Google Ads spend.

Over the period of 4 months, the five websites were amalgamated into one parent site and a day over the weekend was set to make the transfers to minimise disruption. The previous sites had amendments made to their domain forwarding, in order to capture those still visiting the previously known domain. 

Within a few weeks site traffic had increased significantly, as did the search engine exposure. In fact, for many keywords, the website was now showing on first page. 

Overall, this was an exciting project to work on, seeing five sister companies (websites) being formed into one proved to be an excellent move for the company who have since expanded their operations and moved into larger offices!


Alpine Surveys provide damp, timber and structural surveys to homeowners, landlords and estate agents. 

Objective: Combine 5 websites into one parent site
Objective 2: To increase traffic, visibility of services offered, improve efficiency, reduce cost, change web hosting provider, change email hosting provider, instal security certificates, and lower ad spend.
Timeframe: 4 months
Cost: £16,000
Savings: £1500 per month
Sales growth after 12 months: Approx. 100%