How to gain more business as a tradesperson

Whether you’re are a plumber, electrician or a builder, to name but a few, there are times when business can be quiet and you could find yourself sat about wondering what to do in order to get new business

For most tradespersons, word of mouth and referrals keep the business ticking over nicely, but what if you are a new tradesperson and only just starting out? Here is a quick tip to gain more interest and more customers for your business.

There are a number of things you can do, they are simple, cost effective and don’t take up much time. The reward, however, will be that you should see new business flowing in and give a huge boost to your new business.


Social media is a powerful tool if used correctly. We recommend you set up accounts specifically for your business and benefit from gaining more business as a tradesperson, such as a Facebook business page, Instagram page and twitter account. In addition, it would be a good idea to create a YouTube account, again, make sure you use the business name for consistency, branding and to make followers easy to find you.

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Once you have the accounts set up, either by doing it yourself or enlist the help from Chris Seagal Digital Marketing Agency, you should aim to post something interesting and informative at least once a week, twice if you can but keep focused entirely on the business. For example, you may have just fitted a new radiator for a client, post it online and be sure to add a description (obviously with the clients permission if any of their property is identifiable in the image.)

If you want to go a little further, make a short video about the installation and upload it to YouTube, Facebook etc

Remember to add #hashtags to your post, hash tags can be very powerful if used correctly and help people find your content, we would also recommend always adding a link to your website and an image. Only use hashtags specific to your business, for example, #plumber #pluumberdorset

When you share your uploads and posts with friends and family, ask them to share it as well and eventually you will build up a list of followers. The fantastic thing about social media, is that for every time someone shares or likes your post, dozens, or hundreds more will see it also.

Those that regularly upload content about their day, or particular jobs they’ve carried out, get far more attention and soon enough your post will be seen by someone who could make use of your services.

You could even ask customers to leave a review for you on your Facebook page to build trust. Or go a little further and ask them to participate in a video testimonial. The more you post, the better the chances of getting noticed.

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