Marketing – Do Leaflets Still Work?

Many years ago, promotional leaflets and leaflet distribution where the “go to” format for promoting a business.

Whether they were pushed through a letterbox or handed out in a busy street, leaflets provided a great way to show customers what you have to offer. Combined with discount or call to action, they proved very effective.

However, the digital age has taken over and leaflet distribution has almost become a thing of the past. We take a look at how effective leaflets can still be for small businesses looking to gain new clients.

Marketing - Do Leaflets Still Work?


Leaflets are ideal for making your product or service known to members of the public, for example, as a builder, dog groomer, or plumber, your best clients are often on, or near your own doorstep, but getting the word out about your services often involves creating a complex Google Ads account and setting it up for your local area. This can also be costly if it isn’t done right. The alternative is to wait for the business opportunity to come to you.

For most people, especially tradespeople, a Google Ads campaign is often time consuming and complicated if you have little or no experience, which, can result in disappointment, unless you employ the services of a company that can help, like us!

An alternative, is to have leaflets designed and printed and distribute them yourself, or pay someone to do it for you (we can help with that too). As a tradesperson, leaflet dropping through peoples doors ensures you reach local clients who are more likely to need your services, maybe not immediately, but if they do, they may just well turn to your leaflet that is now stuck on the fridge door!

Marketing - Do Leaflets Still Work?


Leaflets can yield exciting results, admittedly, they take time to deliver, but you can be particular about who receives them. if you are trying to encourage new business for bespoke luxury bathrooms, you could choose an area that is more likely to produce better results in terms of potential enquiries, an affluent area of the neighbourhood for example.

Leaflets have proven to be successful and should not be dismissed as a more cost effective alternative to drumming up business in your local area. On average, you should see 3 enquiries per 100 leaflets delivered.

If it takes 10 – 20 minutes to deliver 100 leaflets, that’s a respectable return on your investment and time, especially if just 1 out of 3 of those enquiries earns you money from securing a new job.

So next time you need to drum up more business, or you have a new service to offer from plumbing to dog grooming, try distributing some leaflets, you may well be pleasantly surprised, after all, not everyone searches the internet for what they want!



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