Most people starting up a business or improving their business have no desire to learn to build websites, after all, why would they?

Your main focus should be establishing your business, brand and gaining clients, in-turn producing cash flow. My approach to website design is to keep the communication string between us as jargon free as possible. You want results, not tech talk, right?



Using WordPress or Squarespace, I will design an affordable, responsive website to your brief. I use themes to save time and money for you and I will ensure that the website is correctly coded and responsive for all devices. 



I am able to implement industry standard SEO software into the website, allowing you to complete, or if you wish, I can ensure this is done effectively for you which will make your exposure on search engines more prominent, in less time.


Domain, HOSTING & Emails

Understanding domain names, DNS records, hosting providers and setting up email can be a weary task. I can take care of this for you and even provide clear and concise video explainers to set up your devices.

Business Development & consultation

“The best way to earn a living is by working for yourself”

Whilst that may not be agreeable with everyone, those that find themselves with a desire to turn their dream or idea into a money making machine will be rewarded with huge satisfaction. If you have a dream, or an idea and you want to make it happen, then go for it, I am here to support you!



Chris offers advice and support to small and medium size business owners. We all need a little guidance from time to time, whatever your reason, Chris offers a pragmatic approach to supporting your business growth & development.



Chris’s goal is to support the development and growth of your business, from implementing ideas, understanding your needs, to running projects that bring successful outcomes, and even reducing costs. No matter how small, or large your business!



Sometimes all you need is someone on the outside with a different perspective to nudge you in a new direction, provide inspiration, share new light and believe in you to help provide tangible solutions to secure the future growth of your business.


Real results and real advice for conscientious business owners

It’s never too late to be who you wanted to be. It can be easy to wander off track from time to time, our minds get foggy, distracted, we may have family issues to contend with, or we simply struggle to understand how to overcome change, or diversify. I offer either bespoke coaching or a range of clearly structured, high quality packages, allowing you complete control in the process.



Whether you want to increase your revenue, decrease doubt or grow your business, working with a business coach can help you move forward further and faster. Whatever your reason, I’m glad you’re here, now let’s get to work



70% of new businesses that are mentored are twice as likely to succeed and thrive beyond 5 years as those who are not mentored (FSB). Mentorship provides. A Business Mentor offers calm, structured focus, helping to sift and focus on priorities



A business growth program is a tailored strategy that puts you and your business back in control. A 12 month program that supports you through times of adversity or change and provides insight and encouragement to achieve realistic goals

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